2013 Behind the Scenes

At the beginning of every year I like to turn the camera around and show what happens behind the scenes. I want to thank the amazing assistants who took the pictures throughout the 2013 wedding and engagement season. Leah, Anne and Anna (yes, this can be hard to keep straight on a busy wedding day) are incredibly helpful with our brides and making sure they are comfortable, setting up slideshows, backing up images as well as many other invaluable things. They also take many of these pictures of what happens throughout the wedding day.

0012-DSC_4395_stomped0025-DSC_2761_stompedCan you tell how much I love what I do?0038-DSC_3210_stompedWe are always happy to help in any way, all part of the job!0042_DSC_2645_stompedI love this bride’s reaction at her first look!0063_DSC_9336_stompedCarolyn checking the lighting. It doesn’t get much better than this.0075-DSC_6118_stompedHere is the incredible Anne holding a reflector to help balance out the light.0092-DSC_3335_stomped0107-DSC_2854_stomped0111_DSC_9392_stompedThis is definitely an acquired skill.0135-DSC_2897_stomped0161-DSC_5552_stomped0173-DSC_3941_stomped0200-DSC_2993_stompedIt helps to be limber to get angles like these.0343 - D70_9314_stomped0414 - D70_9527_stomped0467 - D70_6221_stompedIts always rewarding seeing a bride’s reaction to seeing her wedding photos the day of.
BTS - D3S_1546-38_stompedOur assistant Leah is always ready to run to the car in a rainstorm, or help with a pet dog. (I am pretty sure she prefers the second) On the left is the lovely and talented Michelle Lange, hiking through the rustling leaves to get a great angle on a first look.
BTS - D3S_6051-4_stompedAnother same day wedding slideshow.BTS - D3S_8254-6_stompedThis guest was hoping for a dance with Leah.
BTS - D3S_9897-32_stompedWhile taking portraits we often invite the couples to get each other to laugh. I think Greg thought he was safe from the camera.BTS - D60_0234-15_stompedThis wardrobe was awesome for Brenda’s bridal gown.BTS - D60_0806-1_stompedBTS - D60_0848-15_stompedI love showing a few pictures, helps make a couple feel at ease when they see that they look great!BTS - D60_1075-1_stompedBTS - D60_1160-9_stompedThere is no location that isn’t worth climbing for a great angle.
BTS - D60_2144-9_stompedI think Melanie agrees!BTS - D60_2270-11_stompedBTS - D60_3338-2_stompedEpic photographs from this Central Park engagement session.BTS - D60_3505-11_stompedBTS - D60_3917-4_stompedBTS - D60_3942-7_stompedThe main thing to remember when getting this close to water with a camera is to carefully lock your feet in place and don’t move the foot closest to the water.BTS - D60_4023-9_stompedLow and stealthy, like a ninja so as to not distract from the ceremony.
BTS - D60_4035-16_stompedBTS - D60_4818-11_stompedMore slideshow reactions!BTS - D60_5115-19_stompedBTS - D60_5587-6_stompedAnne working the angles.BTS - D60_5713-12_stompedMore epic shots!BTS - D60_5745-20_stompedAnything for our brides!BTS - D60_7823-5_stompedLike a ninja.
BTS - D60_9014-12_stompedBTS - D60_9428-5_stompedBTS - D60_9693-9_stompedThis waterfront spot was amazing, can’t wait to photograph Laura and Dana’s wedding this year!BTS - D70_0627-5_stompedBTS - D70_7753-3_stompedBTS - D70_9520-9_stompedBTS - D70_9957-6_stompedBTS - DSC_46230011_stompedBTS - DSC_47980021_stompedBTS - ML3_7539-6_stompedBTS - ML3_7562-9_stompedDSC_8668_stompedHere’s looking forward to more beautiful weddings and engagement sessions in 2014!

February 6, 2014 - 1:18 pm

Diane Tomasello - I love, love, love your newest pictures of the rings and behind the scenes pictures.

Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom

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