Monday Marriage Moments {Let Me Love You}

-We love marriage just as much as we love weddings. Take a moment to prepare not just for the wedding, but for the marriage –

Sometimes pop songs get it right. I think I agree with Ne-Yo and Mario that us ladies should let our man love us. It is not always as easy I thought it would be! I first heard this concept when Paul and I were just dating. We heard a speaker, Christopher West, talking about relationships and he said that men are called to love their wives with their whole being and women are called to let them. In his talk he affectionately asked, Who has the harder job here?! It got a laugh out of all of us but being a married man himself, he knew that it actually is difficult for women at times to let go and let her husband love her. When we heard this we were not yet married and I just ate it all up, I loved the idea, really what woman would not love hearing that? I still love it.

I think it was just yesterday I realized that it can be a challenge to let Paul love me sometimes. It requires me to let go and trust that he will in fact love me in a way that I will appreciate.  After a long and tiring day both mentally and physically, I wanted nothing more than to veg on the couch and watch some mindless TV shows. Paul really really wanted to show me his love and spend time together, talk, give a massage, or play a game and usually quality time is number one in my love language, but not that night. I really fought him and told him how tired I was and how much I wanted to do nothing. We came to a compromise and watched TV while he massaged my back. It was kind of glorious. So why the heck was I fighting it? I said it was because I knew what I wanted. But deep down I think I was letting my insecurities drag me into denial that Paul could actually love me so much that he really wanted to be so selfless and loving towards me, and that denial made it difficult for me to trust. Since I was able to get over it pretty quickly, we enjoyed a relaxing and bonding night of Parks & Recreation. Before we went to bed that night I told Paul how much I appreciated the back rub, how relaxing it was, and how I do not deserve such a giving and wonderful husband. He disagreed and said I was worth it 🙂 I am so happy and blessed to have a husband whose love I can trust, that I just let go and let him love me.

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